Fossil Sport

Looking back in time, I’m indeed was a fan of smartwatches. My first wearable device was the first watch with Android Wear – LG G Watch. It was very strange-looking yet very cool device.

My second watch was the best Wear OS device (in my opinion) of all time – the first Huawei Watch. It’s classic design, amazing fully round screen and sapphire crystal glass that really cannot be scratched (unlike Gorilla Glass) will forever stay in my heart. And in my box with old devices. This beautiful watch still works by the way, but it’s battery don’t last long and vibration motor is broken.


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I bought Fossil Sport in my trip to Italy. I heard a lot about it previously and I wanted a lightweight watch with true water resistance, heart rate sensor and NFC. Also there was a discount on it. Also it was an official Fossil store in Florence so I could not resist.

Here I want to write not a full review of this watch, but highlight the main advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of the long-time smartwatch user.


The Look

Yes, this watch has bezels around the screen but it looks so native! I also like aluminium body around the screen.


The bottom part of the body looks like simple plastic but feels like metal. It is nylon if we believe the manufacturer. The wristband is made of soft silicone. Overall impression of this watch can fit in one word “simple” and it is not bad.


The watch feels extremely lightweight on hand.

Charging and battery

Fossil Sport has no wirelesses charging option, but it’s charger was designed in a very smart way. It is magnetic and the contact plates of watch goes around all it’s body so the orientation of charger can be any. And it is very convenient.



Now we slowly moving from good to bad. Battery life is terrible. If you want to squeeze a full day without charging from this device, you need to:

  1. Turn off WiFi
  2. Turn off automatic brightness control
  3. Disable always on display
  4. Disable background heart rate tracking

So you need to disable almost all useful features of this watch to use it during all day. Of course if you need to actively track your workout or bike ride, you need to charge Fossil Sport to 100% and pray for battery to last till the end of ride.

Some good news here is that it support quick charge so you can bring it back to life in 30 minutes or so.

By the way, the buttons is very nice and useful and you can customize two of them. The middle button can be rotated to use it as scroll.

The Software

You can find a lot of messages from Fossil Sport users around the internet about slow and laggy software. If you think it is because Wear OS by Google is far from ideal you are wrong. Lags on Fossil Sport raised to some incredible level. But there is a quick fix for this problem. You need to disable automatic screen brightness. Yep, this feature if very useful, but it has destructive influence on watch performance and battery life. This is sad =(

Also there is some built in software from Fossil. It gives you a possibility to configure several different watch faces and then switch between them depending on situation and your current needs. The best way to use this feature is to switch Fossil app off and forget it forever. It is not simple to configure and not comfortable to use.

Water resistance

Actually it was my dream to have a watch that I can take to the beach and leave my phone at hotel. And Fossil Sport gives me such possibility with one little remark from official website:

Avoid long exposure to salt water. After contact with salt water, rinse watch under tap water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

So the bad side of this watch is that in most cases I can’t use all it’s features. I need to disable it to use most important things. But in other hand this watch looks simple, feels good and has all I need. Even with disabled functions.