Moving from Windows laptop to Chromebook. The Introduction

I loved the idea of cloud-based OS from the early beginning of Chrome OS. First of all because it is Google and I am a huge fan of Google services. Some time ago I finally decided to move from MS Windows to Chrome OS.

I did not hurry with this decision because all Chromebooks always was just-a-browser devices. Until now. Now things changes. Now you can run Android and Linux apps on your Chromebook. And now you can buy a powerful Chromebook. Powerful enough to use it as development environment. May be for gaming as well, but in future I think. May be not…

Anyway I’ve used my old good Lenovo Ideapad as gaming station and development environment and it was good. Now it is time to say goodbye for this buddy.


I’ll be happy to move from Windows to be honest. I think the only thing I’ll be messed from Chrome OS is gaming and gaming is a thing I’m not ready to refuse. Probably I’ll need a gaming console but this is a topic for another post.

My future Chromebook is DELL Inspiron Chromebook 14 and it is on it’s way to me. Just need to wait. You know, it is hard to get latest Chromebook outside USA. Why this one? Because:

  • 14 inches display is perfect size for me
  • Full HD IPS display (not 3k or 4k because you don’t really need more than 1920×1080 on such a small screen)
  • 8th gen. Intel Core i3 processor
  • Convertible
  • Touch screen with stylus
  • Price


I’ll be posting about my impressions, problems and solutions I’ll get moving to Chrome OS. Thanks for reading.